Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why don't we...?

We can feed, clothe, and house everyone on Earth with currently available technology. We can insure that every Earth Citizen has adequate medical care and education. We can accomplish all this without depriving anyone of the comforts of modern civilized life.

We live in an age of unprecedented abundance. We can build automated industries that can free us all from the need for daily toil. We can build high-rise solar-powered hydroponic food factories in the inner cities that can produce enough food to meet the needs of entire communities. We can build seawater desalinization plants and irrigate the deserts of the world into fertile farmlands. We can tap the virtually unlimited raw materials of the solar system and expand human living space by a factor of infinity.

Why don’t we?

Who is holding us back from a just, humane, ecologically sound society on Earth and a future among the stars? Why does an elite ruling class, less that 10% of Earth’s population, own and control more than 90% of Earth’s resources -- the common inheritance of all sentient beings? Why are they wasting our wealth on military madness while billions of us suffer for want of the necessities of life?

We can create a better life for all Earth citizens.

Why don’t we?